Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule:

My initial consultation fee for first time clients is $175.00.

Follow-up appointments will be $95.00, or $98.00 if you wish to use a credit card.

Appointments in my Riverside office are by appointment only.

The Autism Protocol:

The initial consultation fee will be $175.00 for a personal Skype appointment, plus shipping of remedies. I do not charge for the remedies. The in-person consult is usually a half hour to an hour long, but the fee is not by the hour, but by the session, whether the session is a half-hour or 2 hours. I take a credit card at the time we talk.

 The fee for the website questionnaire for the Autism Protocol is $98.00, plus shipping. This fee is paid through Paypal at the time the questionnaire is finalized.

A link to the website questionnaire for the Autism Protocol is only available by emailing me directly at micheleiqbal@gmail.com.

 Shipping of Protocol remedies is $7.00 in the U.S. for regular mail, and $12.00 for priority mail, but if you are outside the U.S.A, shipping of remedies will cost from $40.00 to $70.00 depending on where you are.