Basic Principles

Formation of Energy Bodies
Where does personality and mind exist? That non-material entity that has influence on the physical has often been called the “soul.” Science may still argue whether the soul exists, but how would anyone dispute the existence of something spirit-like being present in an individual, whether it be called a soul of something of another name?
In my philosophy, based on life experience and study, the soul is an entity of pure energy. Sometime during gestation, that entity enters a developing fetus. In order to create influence and animation within the developing child, energy bodies form.

Energy Bodies 1-4
The first four energy bodies are present at birth and are responsible for our automatic physical functions —such as heartbeat, digestion, elimination and such.

Energy Body 5
The fifth energy body begins to form soon after birth and is the first to cross the skin barrier. It carries information we inherit from our genetic line and the expression of genetic material. That is why inherited characteristics often show up as chronic skin problems.

Energy Bodies 6-10
The sixth through the tenth energy bodies separate us from other animals. All animals have the first four or five energy bodies, depending on the species. Domesticated animals have learned to pattern their energy bodies after us and intertwine their auric fields with ours. This intertwining has become more pronounced over the last few decades to the point where our pets have become family members. A wild animal cannot and will not ever become tame—no matter how they are treated or raised. A wild animal does not have the ability to pattern their energy bodies to mesh with human energy bodies.

Energy Body Development
What follows is a general guideline for the development of energy bodies. Individual experiences, cultural influences and societal norms may influence the age at which these structures form.

  • The sixth energy body forms between the second and third year and directs us in becoming independent from our parents and guides us to discover our place in society.
  • The seventh energy body normally develops between the fourth and fifth year. This body governs our ability to acquire knowledge.
  • The eighth energy body, forming between the sixth and seventh years, is responsible for perceptual comprehension and the development of thought patterns that influence learning such as complex calculation.
  • The ninth energy body is in place by our tenth year. This structure helps us to socialize and “read” other people. We become aware of a larger world and how society may affect our life.
  • The tenth energy body, in place by our twelfth year, governs the development of independent thought and extra-sensory-perception.

Everyone has all ten energy bodies, but how they develop is influenced by the experiences and the training we receive during our lifetime.
In addition, each generation learns through the experiences of the previous generation. In other words, information is passed on through energy bodies that individual souls model after the parents, particularly the birth mother. This information sharing may create evolutionary progress.
On the other hand, sharing of information garnered from birth parents can also create concretized ideas that do not change through many generations.
This also means that the energy-body model I outline here will not remain static. Humans change and progress through knowledge acquired from previous generations—or not.
One example of evolutionary progress can be seen in educational curriculum. At the time I was in high school in the 1960’s, calculus was not taught before the 12th grade. Now it is begun in middle school in some districts. My granddaughters are a good example. When I was in the first grade, I barely knew the alphabet and reading was only beginning to be taught with simple three letter words. My granddaughters could read complex sentences by the time they reached the first grade. I was astonished that this much change had taken place in only two generations.
An example of concretized ideas can be seen in prejudicial thinking, where values and prejudices remain static through many generations.

Dimensions of Consciousness
Are there further unseen structures of resonance connected to our physical body? Is it possible structures that vibrate at a frequency beyond detection are actually responsible for the dynamic functions that define consciousness?
There is an energy field that influences the function of consciousness, but there is also a chemical component to brain function that is dependent on the physical presence of basic nutrients.
The single-molecule-thick layers of metals that make up the brain of a computer-processing chip must be properly placed for it to function correctly. In the same way, the human brain must be able to absorb certain nutrients efficiently to perform specific functions.
If a computer chip is made incorrectly, the computer cannot “think.” If a brain is not functioning correctly, the personality and mind can be flawed—even though these are part of the soul entity. There is an interdependence in a complex system of energy and information exchange.
The proper function of the mind is dependent on the proper formation of energy levels.

The Energy Levels
Positively charged electromagnetic energy, “energy levels”, touch on and coordinate with levels of quantum information fields resonant in various dimensions beyond the three known physical dimensions.

  1. These energy levels are essential to our ability to function within our environment by touching upon pockets of information residing in higher, non-physical dimensions.
  2. These energy levels extend beyond the physical parameters of the body.

The Levels
All ten energy bodies that animate our physical body lie within the first level—the physical level. Energy bodies are connected to all the levels at all times through Chakra points that emanate from the endocrine glands. This point is hard for modern science to prove, but for centuries Hindu Yogic traditions, Sufi Mystics and Greek Philosophers have described exactly the same concept.

Energy bodies

The First Level— Physical
This connects the dynamic spirit of the soul to the physical body through the functions of the ten energy bodies that lie within it.
The physical level governs primal fears and survival instincts. This energy level develops with the first four energy bodies during the fetal gestation period.

The Second Level—Mental
The second level—the mental—connects to time and allows recognition of the self in the sequence of time. This level develops along with the 5th and 6th energy bodies beginning soon after birth, but may not be fully functional until much later.
If this level does not function properly, we may have difficulty understanding the sequencing of events—making the individual appear impatient, selfish, or self-centered. Think of the “are we there yet” refrain of small children who do not yet understand the restraints of time and space.

The Third Level—Emotional
This level connects us to the racial and ethnic consciousness of our physical inheritance and governs feelings of patriotism and race membership. This level develops with the 7th and 8th energy bodies that emerge between the ages of three and seven.
If we become stuck at this level, we may find difficulty in seeing the larger picture or interconnectedness of all humanity, leading to prejudicial thinking.

The Fourth Level—Psychological
The fourth level—psychological level—connects to the collective consciousness allowing us to experience an understanding of what is right or wrong in dealing with others. This level would begin to develop with the 9th energy body after age six or seven and should be in place by age ten.
This level governs the development of compassion for others on the planet. Although most people have this level present by the time they reach the age of ten years, it may not be fully functional until after the age of sixty. Many people remain self-centered and think only of what is good for them as an individual until they mature into the fully functional ability of the fourth level.

The Fifth Level—Intuitive
This connects us to the unseen world where inspiration and intuition reside. This is the level that helps us experience a consciousness greater than ourselves.

The Sixth Level—Spiritual
This last level connects us to the highest vibrational frequency of Universal Consciousness. This is the level that takes us from citizen of a particular country and a member of the human race to identifying ourselves as a citizen of the universe. This level should be in place by age twelve. However, the full potential of this level remains undeveloped in most of humanity.

All Six Levels
Every living human has all six levels, yet each of us may develop the structures within the levels at different stages during our lifetime. Also, not all structures within these levels may become fully developed in everyone.
If, for example, you were a victim of child abuse or raised in an environment void of nurturing adults, you may have problems developing many energy-level functions. Certain inherited aspects imbedded in DNA patterns may also inhibit the activation process. Individuals diagnosed with the Autism Spectrum Disorder display deficiencies in energy-level development.
Many of us can be stifled in complete development—or not—depending on the training we receive in childhood. Full activation in all components of the levels can be described as “enlightenment.”
Knowledge of these energy bodies and levels can be a guide to using energy-based-medicine.

Energy Medicine
Pharmaceutical, herbal, vitamin, and mineral medicines are material doses of chemicals. Although herbs and vitamins may not be as chemically active as pharmaceutical medicines, they are nevertheless, chemically and physically based substances.
There is only one form of medicine that is truly energy-based and chemical free—and that is potentized homeopathic remedies.
Homeopathic remedies are energy-based and chemical free because of the dilution process. Known as “potentizing,” the process converts the molecule from a chemical to a form of quantum energy. Because of this, homeopathy has been maligned and attacked by conventional medical disciplines throughout much of its two-hundred-year history.
If scientists and allopathic medical professionals were correct in their belief that the human body is wholly mechanistic in nature and that only chemical substances can impact it, then diluted substances could not have an impact on our health. Therefore, this assumption of only a chemical active human body is totally wrong.

How Homeopathy Works
Potentizing is the process of rendering natural substances harmless and more effective as remedies. It transforms a substance from the physical molecular state into energy.
The process begins with any natural substance dissolved into a medium and diluted to a ratio of 10% of its original substance to 90% of the dissolving medium.
The medium consists of whichever the remedy substance dissolves into best, such as alcohol, water and alcohol, or lactose.
This first dilution is placed in a small vial then shaken or “succussed” vigorously until completely blended. The result is a 1X potency, also referred as a mother tincture.
Ten percent of the newly succussed and blended mother tincture is placed in a new vial and blended again with a mixture of 10% of the already succussed substance to a 90% ratio of new medium and again succussed vigorously. This is a 2X potency.
Ten percent of this 2X succussed substance is diluted again with another 90% ratio of medium in a third vial and again succussed. The resulting mixture is a 3X potency.
This process of mixing the newest resulting potency to the same ratio of new medium with further succussion is continued to greater and greater dilutions.
At the twenty-fourth vial of blended and succussed mixtures, there are no measurable molecules of the original substance. However, the energy inherent in the original substance molecule has been expanded by the succession and is present in the medium.
Each dilution in the succussion process has expanded and enhanced the presence of energy to a level greater than existed in each previous dilution.
The further a remedy has been diluted and succussed away from the original substance, the more powerful it is for healing.

More is Not Always Better
The idea that more is better applies only in the physical realm—and only in specific and limited instances. Although a small amount of a vitamin may be useful, excessive amounts of this same vitamin may be fatal because the amount of vital force energy needed to store and convert it to a useful form may deplete the body’s vital force reserves.
Our physical body must convert a material substance into energy in order for it to be used as a nutrient. Sometimes the energy necessary for the conversion is more than our body has available. Energy medicine does not over-tax our body because the conversion to the energetic level has already taken place.

The AtomA potentized remedy is already reduced to energy, using none of the body’s vital force to convert it.
The potentized remedy is not only readily available for our body to use, it serves to reinforce and enhance our vital force.

More Powerful with Each Dilution
Molecules are composed of atoms in specific arrangements and concentrations. As scientists know, atoms—the basic building blocks of all matter—are actually particles of solidified energy arranged in specific energy fields that have unique energetic signatures. These molecules can combine with other molecules to form various substances known as compounds—each with its unique energetic signature. It is the uniqueness of this energy signature that accounts for the ability of the substance to interact in energy fields and bring about specific changes in those fields.
When energy is enhanced in a molecule or compound by vigorous shaking, the energy field of that molecule or compound is expanded while keeping its unique arrangement and energy signature.
In order for this expansion to take place, a neutral medium, such as alcohol or lactose, which can be absorbed into the molecular energy pattern, must surround the molecule to allow the original molecule’s signature to expand without hindrance. This is the basic concept behind the potentizing process.

Energy Expands
When a substance, even an inert one like sand (pure silica sand is ground with lactose until it is soluble in liquid) is placed in a bottle at a dilution of 10% to 90% of the neutral medium—alcohol or lactose—and succussed, the energy signature inherent to the substance is released and expands as it absorbs the medium.

MoleculeAfter all the medium has been absorbed by the expanding energy, further succussion will have no additional effect on the strength of the remedy as it cannot expand further until new medium is added.

This first product is a 1X potency. Each time the material is prepared in this way, it is known as a potentized substance, commonly called a “potency.”


Through succession (shaking) the energy expands into the medium, no matter how many molecules there were to begin with.Succussion bottles

In the illustration above, the empty circles represent the alcohol medium. The solid blue circles represent the molecules of the original remedy substance.
In the second dilution, 10% of the first bottle is placed in a bottle with 90% more alcohol. The mixture is succussed twenty times.
As the new medium is added and absorbed, the energy signature of the original molecule continues to expand until all of the newly added medium has been absorbed.
As this process is repeated in the next bottle, the same thing occurs. The energy signature from the previous bottle expands by absorbing the new medium when succussed. The second product is known as a 2X potency.
This process can be repeated again and again. Each time new medium is added, the energy signature expands even more. As the energy signature expands, it becomes larger and more powerful than it was in any of the previous potencies. Each time the material is potentized, the number before the X is increased by one, indicating the number of times the material has been processed. The X in this case represents the dilution of 10% to 90% on the decimal scale.
It is important to understand that it is not the process of diluting the material, nor is it simply the action of shaking the material that increases its strength. The strength of the potentized material is enhanced by the interaction between these two events.
A substance is placed in a neutral medium that can be absorbed into the original energy signature, thereby, allowing that signature to expand. The process of shaking the material causes this absorption to take place.
Neither of these actions in and of itself, performed alone, has any effect on the strength of the potentized remedy.

succussion bottles 6

The expansion of molecules not only makes the remedy more powerful for healing, but also governs which energy structure that surrounds and controls the physical body the potency will impact most.

It is important to note that the body can utilize a substance converted to energy when the physical form of the same substance cannot be of use—as is the case with poisons. This occurs because the amount of vital force needed to convert a material substance to an energetic form exceeds our body’s vital energy capacity or capability (the poisonous substance exhausts our vital force).
Because a potentized substance is not in its chemical form, it cannot affect us on a chemical level. You cannot be poisoned by a potentized substance even if that substance is chemically poisonous in a material form—as long as the potency is greater than a 6C or 9X potency.
Chemically inert substances or those unavailable for use by our body in their original material form will work in a potentized form. An example is sand. Pure silica, the main component of sand, is the substance that allows a plant to hold up against the wind. If you are low in silica, you will have trouble standing up to the pressures and winds of life’s changes.
By taking potentized silica, Silicea in Latin, the problem is corrected. Silica would do nothing if you ingested sand in its physical form.
Caution: Homeopathic Silicea cannot be used by anyone with replacement hardware in the body. Silicea will expel any foreign object.

Potentized Energy Becomes a Remedy
The molecular pattern of a substance becomes an energy pattern that can be used to adjust and modify our energy fields. Based on the rule of “like cures like,” a substance that will cause certain symptoms will cure the same symptoms —matching energy for energy, the energy of a potentized remedy to the energy body and level of the illness.

The Difference Between X’s and C’s
The X and C distinction of homeopathic remedies often confuse users. There are two common forms of homeopathic potentized remedies: X potencies and C potencies.
In the potentizing process, if the first bottle is 10% of the substance and 90% of the medium, the potency is an X, indicating the Roman Numeral 10.
If the first bottle contains 1% of the substance and 99% of the medium, the potency is a C, indicating the Roman Numeral 100.

Proving vs Testing
In the homeopathic system, remedies are not tested as pharmaceutical drugs are—they are “proved.”
Proving is a process in which a potentized-remedy-substance is given to a person with no particular symptoms. Symptoms that develop during the use of the substance are recorded.
This follows the “like cures like” principle of homeopathy. The symptoms recorded during a proving are used as a guide. The remedy that caused symptoms in a proving is expected to cure a person who is sick with the same symptoms.
Remedies that have been proven in this manner, and are known to be safe and free of side effects, are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States. As long as the remedies used in a combination remedy are listed in the Pharmacopeia, they are considered safe and will not cause side effects.
These provings have taken place in conjunction with numerous practitioners over a two-hundred-year period.

Side Effects
A homeopathic remedy may aggravate existing symptoms but have no side effects. Aggravations are a sign that healing is taking place. They will always subside when healing is complete or when the remedy is discontinued.