About the Autism Protocol

I have worked with a large number of families with autistic children. Through this experience, I have discovered patterns of symptoms among individuals who suffer from this disorder. Because of the extensive work and conversations I continue to have with parents, I am able to offer a speedier and more efficient consultation process through a website questionnaire. Look on the fee schedule page for details.  Do keep in mind that autism is a dynamic situation and changes constantly. As autism changes, the remedy protocol continues to evolve.

Autism affects all ethnicities, economic groups and geographical locations. Some parents saw an onset of symptoms after a vaccine was administered. Some saw no relation to vaccines. Some children were never vaccinated at all. Some families have more than one autistic child.

There are two common factors in every family I have talked to—one is the presence of a member of the child’s genetic line that is of genius-level intelligence. This is not necessarily an individual who has achieved great success or high levels of education, although those aspects may be present. The main benchmarks are extreme memory capability, mental processing speed and information gathering abilities.

The genius in the family is most often the child’s father, but can also be the mother’s father—in which case the mother is also of high intelligence. Sometimes there are multiple geniuses within the family. In all cases, the symptoms of autism flow from a male member of the genetic line with advanced mental ability. Often, the geniuses in the family will display mild symptoms of autism spectrum disorders such as sensory sensitivity and awkward social skills.

The second common factor the parents report is that the symptoms of autism in their children developed at about the same time, between 16 and 18 months of age. This is the age when the 6th energy body should have begun to develop, but somehow didn’t.

Because the formation of the energy bodies has stalled, the development of a complete energy level has also been arrested (visit the Basic Principles page on this website for information about energy bodies and levels).

In my opinion, these children are inheriting a pre-disposition to highly advanced brainpower. My theory is that due to environmental factors, the child’s mental-intelligence-level is even more advanced than the parent. So advanced in fact that the body is lacking the ability to deliver proper nutrients to fully express that brainpower.

The symptoms I see in these individuals are consistent with under-development of energy bodies and levels and include:

An unusually strong bond to a parent (the child does not perceive themselves as a separate individual and must be around a person with fully-functional energy bodies).

Extreme fearfulness or complete lack of fear (an inability to understand their surroundings).

Unawareness of time or the sequential nature of time (the energy level connection to time has not developed).

The inability to comprehend speech or produce speech (brain-files for language are underdeveloped as are the muscles to form speech).

Avoiding eye contact with people or keeping eyelids half-closed over pupils (limiting information input since processing of is slow).

Sound sensitivity (unable to process loud or intrusive sound such as in a crowd of people).

These symptoms are completely in line with the underdevelopment of energy bodies and levels. In almost every case, these symptoms began to be noticeable at about the same age—around eighteen months.

The remedies that I have developed help the brain absorb the nutrients necessary to allow the energy bodies and mental energy level, and subsequent levels, to develop properly. This mineral-absorption-impulse and energy-level-development allows the child to understand and express language, become aware of their surroundings and understand how their behavior impacts other people.

The Protocol

My protocol for autism could take 6 or 10 weeks to complete, depending on your child’s needs.

The remedies are based on necessary nutrients that are blocked from being absorbed into the brain correctly. The homeopathic dilution process converts those minerals to energy (please read about the dilution process on the Basic Principles page on this site). The energetic form opens up absorption to help the body develop the structures needed. The remedies are in the form of little sugar pellets I send to you in the mail. You put the pellets in a water bottle to give to the child.

The first remedy targets the energy bodies for expansion. This is a one time single dose.

The next two remedies are formulas that are given for a week each. During these first 2 weeks, there can be behavioral aggravations, but they usually don’t last long and can change daily. One day stubborn, the next day emotional, but they are all related to healing the underlying cause of the problem. Complete change in biochemical function does not come easily.

By the time the child has passed the first two weeks and is taking the remedy that is given for a month or two, the good changes and gains start to happen. Many kids become functional and able to speak by the end of the 6 weeks. But everyone is different. Some only begin to develop pre-speech behaviors such as chewing, blowing, or making noise. Yet many will begin to make gains in cognitive understanding or perception of surroundings. Some will have had no aggravations, while some didn’t in the first 2 weeks but do with the month-long remedy. Therefore, I cannot make any general statements about what to expect and the success of the treatment.

Mostly, the moms are seeing very exciting changes and gains in their children by the end of the six weeks. It seems the greatest gains occur after a particularly difficult aggravation. There can also be changes that occur after the protocol is complete. For this reason, I recommend the parent wait a month before deciding if the remedies worked or not. Some children show no aggravations or gains during the 6 weeks, but begin to improve and develop alertness and speech after finishing the protocol.

If the child is not completely better, we might go for a second-round protocol, but we never repeat the first. For this reason, it is critical the parents are completely committed to the six-week-protocol.

Outside Influence

People on the autism spectrum of symptoms are vulnerable to the influences of events that occur outside of their biological bodies. This is true because the energetic structures that would be there to help them navigate the world have not formed correctly. For this reason, autistic children can display unusual or disturbing behavior that is not part of common symptomology but rather a reaction to outside dynamics in their environment.

Unfortunately, terror attacks around the world have become an all too common occurrence. Because of our communication devices and present-day connectivity, an attack that occurs in London has an impact on people who live anywhere in the world. The energetic impulse created by fear can disturb “normal” people but even more so those with ASD. Fear can be a source of unusual behavior.
The creation of disturbing energy that can impact vulnerable individuals sometimes happens within families, such as when parents are in dispute. If family members are locked in ongoing activities that display anger, the very young autistic child may begin to act out with violent behavior. This can happen with clashes between older siblings and parents—parents and grandparents—or other people living in the household. These battles can set off a chain reaction of aggressiveness in the child. This disturbing behavior may begin with extreme hyperactivity. Sometimes it manifests as slapping, hitting, or pinching a sibling or caregiver. The child might begin to destroy property or throw things in a destructive manner. Instances of attacks on parents with clenched fists or fits of scratching have been reported.

I find these behaviors were usually displayed in a milder form because the disturbing issues were already present in the family. The unwanted behavior can become more intensified as the energy bodies change and develop with treatments for autism.

Sometimes an alternative-therapeutic approach is needed to settle the impact of these outside influences on the child. I always ask my clients to be in contact with me in order to determine a possible solution to difficult behavioral issues. Keeping in contact can be hard for parents who are already in an angry mood—not only from ongoing battles but also the frustrations caused by autism. Anger serves good to no one and open communication is always the best approach.

What Autism Isn’t

Autism is not a disease. Children displaying symptoms of autism spectrum disorders are not damaged. An autistic child is able to perceive energy beyond the conventional three-dimensional structure the rest of us live within.

The symptoms of autism are a reaction to changes in the global atmosphere. That is why the epidemic continues to deepen. For decades, metaphysical sources have been warning that these changes were coming. The first forewarnings began in 1987 at the time the outer most planets in our solar system first entered the Photon Belt. Since December of 2012, our entire solar system has been traveling through this Photon cloud full time. So, what does this mean?

The Photon Belt is a band of ionized particles emanating from the center of our galaxy. Our solar system passes through this belt every 13,000 years and takes about 2,000 years to traverse completely. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, our solar system is inside this cloud and inundated with these photon particles. When we are in the Photon Belt, human consciousness expands and the earth and her inhabitants undergo major changes.

The problem this time is that there are 7 billion people on the planet. In their present physical condition, many people are not able to easily handle the changes that are taking place. Those who are not ready for the energy shift on the planet are feeling great stress without knowing why. This causes extremes in personal beliefs, erratic behavior and social upheaval.

It cannot be denied that the world is changing—from global warming to the human psyche—major changes are taking place.

For some time now, children have been born who have specialized abilities and are even physically unique. Metaphysically, it is believed that these children will somehow be instrumental in heralding in a golden age.

But there is a problem. The brains of these special individuals are not able to absorb the nutrients necessary to fully express all spectrums of the advanced multi-dimensional brainpower. Autism is a manifestation of this mineral-absorption-deficiency.

I’ve been working with homeopathic remedies and autistic individuals since 1982—before autism was an epidemic. The single remedy that cured the autistic brain early on was a simple solution. 

Through the decades, the autistic kids I have worked with have changed. In the early years, many kids needed only one dose of a single remedy to begin developing normally. Later on, additional remedies were needed. However, the vibrational rate of information processing in the brain of the autistic children of today has become so advanced that an advanced set of remedies is necessary.

Recently, I have developed remedy formulas that are exactly what the autistic children need to help them expand their energy structures, perceive their surroundings and develop communication skills. With my remedy protocol, the child is able to form speech as well as retain savant abilities and intuitive genius. However, these changes do not take place without consequences. Many children experience emotional turmoil and behavioral aggravations during the course of the six-week-long protocol. This is particularly true for children on multiple-supplement therapies, which can create a battle between the chemicals in heavy supplementation and the body’s attempts to heal the brain. Nevertheless, by the end of the treatment or shortly after, many kids experience great advancement in speech, conversational skills and awareness of their surroundings.

During and after the completion of the protocol remedies, the child’s energy bodies begin to develop—as they should have at 18 months. But if the child is now 5 or 6 or even older, the development of those energy-body-based functions may seem chaotic and disturbing. It isn’t always this way, but it can happen. This is because a particular behavior in a baby may be a minor occurrence and hardly worth noting. But at the age of 6 years, these behaviors can seem aggressive and not at all cute.

For example, all babies go through a chewing phase. This is not just for teething, but also for tone in the muscles of the face and mouth that will eventually produce speech. If the child is older and develops a chewing phase during or after the protocol is completed, this phase could seem aggressive and out of line, when in reality it is a normal part of development.

Perhaps the child has become stubborn or willful. This behavior is in line with the ‘terrible two’s’ stage in a normal child. It is part of the brain and energy level development of awareness of the individual’s place in the family and that they can manipulate their environment. But in a child of 7 or 8, this can seem excessive and difficult to deal with.

Every child is different. If you see some of these behaviors during or after the protocol, just know that it is part of the process of the child developing normal function.

The Genius

Autistic individuals are extremely intelligent. The moms I talk to know this and observe the genius through the symptoms. These kids perceive signs and signals the rest of us are clueless to. They see the world differently and perceive more clearly things ‘normal’ people don’t.

We must recognize that even after recovery these children will be different. They may never go to standard institutions of higher education or enter conventional professions. But, what these individuals offer us is exactly what we will need in the future.

Just look at the past. Most of the great geniuses of history, the people who brought new, exciting innovations and thinking to the world, were often individuals who displayed many symptoms of what we now call autism. Included in this list are names such as Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Isaac Newton, Beethoven, and Einstein—and ever as far back as Socrates. The autistic genius has always been a part of mankind, but it has never before been as deep or as widespread as we find in the present day.