About Michele

Michele IqbalMy father was a veterinarian and I spent much of my childhood watching surgeries performed on animals. I learned valuable concepts from my dad that taught me to think in unconventional ways.

I married an international student from Pakistan. Since I am an American of Irish descent, that was a pretty radical thing to do—especially in 1972. This was a time when most Americans had had little exposure to nationals from the other side of the globe.
My marriage offered me the opportunity to learn about language and culture from a point of view I could not have otherwise known.

Perhaps the most unusual choice I made for my life was to become a doctor of an alternative form of medicine that has been maligned and ridiculed since the early 20th Century. I fell into this profession because my children were sick in ways that conventional medicine could not cure.

Help came from a man who practiced a method of medicine I knew nothing about. After this physician’s methods made such astounding and radical differences in my children, I knew I had to learn more. I felt no one else could care for them as carefully and with as much concern about their health as I would. So I took my first step toward a long and rewarding career in homeopathy that has guided me through amazing but unchartered waters. I completed a Ph.D Degree in Homeopathic Medical Sciences through the National Council for Homeopathy in Pakistan in 1987. We returned to the States in 1989. I worked for a homeopathic pharmacy in downtown Los Angeles for five years before starting a private practice.

I have been working with homeopathy for over 30 years. Today, I practice in the Riverside area of Southern California. My husband and I have been married for nearly 45 years.